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Creations presented at China Fashion Week[ 03-31 11:42 ]
Creations presented at China Fashion Week Models presents a creation at the opening ceremony of the China Fashion week Autumn/Winter Collection in Beijing March 25.2015. Our sweater factory can do all the below styles, like birds-eye jacquard, float jacqua...
Company activities—Annual Lucky draw[ 01-16 04:55 ]
   Time: January 14,2015                         Location:Sweater Factory playground   In order to en...
Entrepreneurship is alive and well in China[ 02-03 11:56 ]
China has become an increasingly entrepreneurial society, and the post-1980s generation has become the driving force, according to new findings from the National Entrepreneurship Research Center of Tsinghai University. They show that China ranked 22nd among 7...
How to wear and match knitted sweater make you like a goddess[ 01-31 17:20 ]
How to wear and match knitted sweater make you like a goddess Knitted sweater is a good choice for people in autumn and winter cold weather. It‘s not thick as rough thread sweater, but it can protect the body from the cold wind, and also both stylish ...
Introduction of Mara Carol Brand[ 01-13 17:57 ]
6 popular colors in winter[ 01-09 04:33 ]
6 popular colors in winter
All kinds of knitted garments washing method (part 2)[ 12-20 17:51 ]
  All kinds of knitted garments washing method  (part 2) 1.Polyester fabric The polyester garment before washing by hands, must soak in the cold water for 15 minutes. And use the synthetic detergent, but the water temperature not more than 45 deg...
Cashmere Wool History[ 12-20 17:18 ]
  Cashmere has been manufactured in Nepal and Kashmir for thousands o{f years. Famous shawls are the jamavar with the famous paisley pattern. The fiber is also known as pashm (Persian for wool) or pashmina (Persian/Urdu word derived from Pashm) for its u...
10 steps to inspect to sweater garment[ 12-19 17:05 ]
        1.check the style: according to customer’s order requirements to check approval bulk    sample, confirm it’s pullover or cardigan or skirt or dress  2.check the hand feel: according to the requiremen...
Cashmere Wool[ 12-13 17:31 ]
Cashmere sweater Cashmere wool, usually simply known as cashmere, is a fiber obtained from Cashmere goats and other types of goat. Common usage defines the fiber as a wool but in fact it is a hair, and this is what gives it its unique characteristics as com...
Big change happened in the sweater factory -- Survival of the fittest[ 12-13 17:03 ]
Survival of the fittest ----Big change happened in the sweater factory
All kinds of knitted garments washing method (part 1)[ 12-08 17:46 ]
All kinds of knitted garments washing method (part 1)    1.cotton fabrics Cotton garment have strong alkali resistance and good acid nonresistant, can use variety soap and detergent to wash. Before washing, soaking in water for a few minutes,...
Sweater factory tell you:How to distinguish different kinds of yarn quality.[ 12-06 17:53 ]
 Sweater factory tell you:How to distinguish different kinds of yarn quality.   1. Cotton: Advantages: moisture breathable, soft, sensitive, easy to clean, not easy to pill. Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, shrinkage, easy to deformation.   ...
2015-2016 popular international design “large exposure”[ 11-28 16:40 ]
2015-2016 the trends of international design turn clean unified style into abstract style , natural hand-painted works, as well as the owl, squirrels, foxes and other animals in the fairy tale forest theme will become the new pattern, make the brand clothi...
Sweater factory tell you:The eight characteristics of cashmere[ 11-22 17:18 ]
  The eight characteristics of cashmere Features 1 : precious as gold Cashmere is a very precious textile raw material, small production, high quality ,  expensive price, which enjoys the laudatory title of soft gold Feature 2: soft handfeel ...
Sweater factory Production Flow Chart of Sweater Manufacturing[ 11-19 11:32 ]
Sweater factory Production:Winding - Yarn Cone Distribution - Knitting - Knitted Panel Inspection - Linking - Linking - Trimming - Light Check Inspection - Mending - Washing & Drying - Pressing / Ironing - Finishing / Packing.
Warm reception on British customer on 8th November,2014 (Seeing is believing)[ 11-14 16:58 ]
Fashionable design, superb workmanship, good material, best service attract new customer to place huge orders to us.
German customer came to visit our company on 4th October, 2014[ 11-13 09:44 ]
  Very Satisfied with our quality and advanced equipment and we reach an agreement on many aspects. Finally promise there will be more orders in the future. They are production manager and QC manger who came to inspect the goods. They are very strict wi...
Australian customer came to visit our company[ 11-06 10:48 ]
Welcome to visit our company. We are very glad to serve for you. We have our own knit Factory & sweater Factory,Good quality, Good service, Best price, Diversity new styles and yarn, that’s why the customers choose us to cooperate.
Our sweater factory product[ 11-01 17:38 ]
Morinda sweater factory which is engaged in manufacturing and exporting of sweater. knit and woven garments for the last 15 year, we assure Quality Management as a fundamental philosophy.
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