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Can I put my brand name on your knitwears instead of your brand name?[ 09-16 11:40 ]
Yes. Most customers sell our knitted sweater with their own brand name. OEM and ODM orders are welcome.
I have a question about placing an order and haven't found the answer here on your FAQ page. What do I do?[ 09-11 17:41 ]
Give us a Email or skype ! We're happy to take your order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Why do your products have a more reasonable price compared with other facs?[ 09-11 17:32 ]
Our products are made in Dalang Dongguan Guangdong, a world famous production base for knitwear and knitted sweater in China. Here we can get things cheaper and convenient with relatively good qualities.
How do I visit you and the factory?[ 09-11 17:31 ]
You are welcomed to visit our company at your convenience. Let us know your schedule in details in advance so we can arrange everything for you. Email US or Call us
After payment, how long will it take to get the products delivered locally, say, Europe?[ 09-11 17:28 ]
For customers in the Europe, normally 70 days you get the goods after your payment reached our account, you can get the products anywhere in the Europe. (45 days for manufacturing, 30 days for sea shipment and delivery), for USA or Canada, 25 days to west coast, and 35 days to east coast.
how about the shipment?[ 09-11 17:12 ]
We ship our bulk knitwear from our port to your port (we can ship to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, South Africa, Oceania). For delilvery to your home, you can simply hire a trailer or hire your local courier to pick it up from your port and deliver it to your home.
what forms of payment do you accept[ 09-11 17:00 ]
Generally we accept payments in below forms. 1, 100% L/C at sight. 2, 30% deposite and 70% T/T at sight. 3, 30% deposite and 70% L/C at sight. and if you have other suggestions, you are welcome to have a detailed discussion with us.
The collar and cuffs if sweater off line?[ 04-02 15:29 ]
A sweater at ordinary times is always difficult to avoid cut, knitted and sweater are kept up, as long as a line, it is easy to lead to large area to take off the line, so we must carefully check the clothes when you go out.
Sweater or wool glue stains on how to handle?[ 04-02 15:28 ]
Pay attention to the two principles: first, can't use brush, the second should be handled as soon as possible. Because is wool woven sweaters, brush will directly destroy the structure of wool fiber. And if you don't handle time is too long, on the morning of may stain with wool adhesion thoroughly, can not clean up.
The choose and buy of knitwear points have?[ 04-02 15:26 ]
1, knit unlined upper garment of choose and buy their favorite style, color is the first choice, can choose a few beautiful, personality, that sweater is not easy outdated.
Knit the usual maintenance and reduce the way of the ball?[ 04-02 15:25 ]
One, to cut the ball, should try to avoid friction with rough surface object. Some friction opportunity more parts, such as the sleeves with desktop, sofa armrest, inserted inside the wallet, etc., and long time backpack, no clamp lining rough coat, especially the ball, should try to reduce the contact.
How to prevent sweater shrink?[ 04-02 15:24 ]
Water temperature should be about 35 ℃, using advanced neutral detergent washing, detergent can not put too little, or you can't wash clean, and easy to shrink. The proportion of water and detergent is 3:1. Can't use washing machine. After wash, with dry cloth
How to make lax sweater restore elasticity?[ 04-02 15:23 ]
Sweater to wear after a long time, it is easy to become baggy, at this time, you can give the sweater to a steam bath, to restore its elasticity. Methods...
Knit and sweater, what is the difference between a conceptually, where is the difference?[ 04-02 15:21 ]
From the concept of a sweater is knitted sweater. The sweater is a broader concept. Sweater can be divided into cotton knitted sweaters and wool sweater, the sweater is belong to the wool sweater.
Sweater off MAO how to deal with?[ 04-02 15:18 ]
1. Can use the transparent adhesive, and it is the sort of wide good adhesive.
Knitting sweater off hair what to do?[ 04-02 15:17 ]
Can use the large volume of transparent film on the hand, with the outward and viscous force, stick in the surface layer is easy to fall MAO! It's not so easy to get on other clothes, wash hand wash, do not use the washing machine to play!
What are the sweaters washing way?[ 04-02 15:14 ]
1, catharsis sweater pilling method: (1) when catharsis sweater inside out, reduce friction on the surface of the sweater, can prevent the sweater pilling. (2) use shampoo to wash the sweater, can make the sweater supple nature
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