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Sweater factory tell you:The eight characteristics of cashmere

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 sweater factory (cashmere features)

Sweater factory tell you about cashmere :(The eight characteristics of cashmere)

Features 1 : precious as gold

Cashmere is a very precious textile raw material, small production, high quality ,  expensive price, which enjoys the laudatory title of soft gold

Feature 2: soft handfeel

Woollen sweater feel soft, fine and smooth, like a baby's skin touch


Features: 3: soft luster

The suede of cashmere garment is fullness. cashmere clothing such as soft as silk beautiful natural luster,  which has a fascinating allure.

Features 4: thin hollow

A cashmere clothing only has 300 grams, about 15 microns in cashmere fiber fineness, that is one of the finest of all fiber, and cashmere or hollow tubular fiber, so the fabric texture is very dense and thin

Features 5: Comfortable and warm

Cashmere is natural crimp hollow, light and air, so it has the warmth and comfort.function

Features 6: elastic

Cashmere apparel, has good moisture absorption, air permeability and close-fitting dress, it feel more comfortable and has a unique feel and rich natural breath.

Features 7: breathable moisture absorption

The ability of cashmere moisture absorption is the strongest of all the fibers,  which can be in the outside air temperature changeful automatically under the condition of moisture absorption, good wicking effect,  and also can remove the moisture between body and clothes, to bring the skin the most comfortable experience

Features 8: Health care function

Cashmere clothing is close-fitting dress, which can promote hair follicle activity, stimulating blood circulation and help reduce fatigue and health care.

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