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Company activities—Annual Lucky draw

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   TimeJanuary 14,2015                         Location:Sweater Factory playground

In order to enrich staff's life, improve the image of the company's corporate culture, let employees have a happy Spring Festival. Thanks for the employees who make contribution to the company for this year, now our company organize to hold a lucky draw, The specific award activities are as follows:


The First Prize   award RMB 10000 one person
The Second Prize award RMB 8000 two person
The Third Prize award RMB 5000 three person
Excellent employee award RMB 2000 four person
The Fifth Prize award RMB 1000 five person
Consolation prize present and gift  the rest person



This activity holds the principal that everyone will have the prize ". Lottery Drawing sort into two coupons and one of the coupon is vice coupon, the employee have the vice coupon in hand, our boss and other directors draw coupon randomly in the lucky draw box. We will see who the luckiest one is.

Please see the spot, the atmosphere is very joyful and harmony. Every staff is extremely happy and excited. 

Morinda  Company  Sweater factory activities—Annual Lucky draw

Expecting to be the lucky one


 Sweater  Company activities

Cheer and Applaud for the First Prize Winner


Sweater  Company activities

The First Prize Winner


Sweater  Company activities

The Second Prize Winner


Sweater  Company activities

The Third Prize Winner


Everyone smiles and spend a wonderful, happy, unforgettable time. Through this activity, it contributes to develop the staff’s sense of belonging. We believe the staff will be more active, responsible\ dedicated and united and will complete each task timely and will try their best to create a more powerful value, make greater contribution to the company in the future work.

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