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Warm reception on British customer on 8th November,2014 (Seeing is believing)

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Fashionable design, superb workmanship, good material, best service attract new customer to place huge orders to us.


British customer visit our sweater factory

British customer visit our company & Sweater factory


8th November is a very important and special day for our company. The customer via web site (;) to obtain the name and address of our company. We first establish business relationship by e-mail. After contacting several times, and to ensure safety and better communicate, the customer wants to come to China to visit our company. They believe seeing is believing. So we invite them to visit our company & sweater factory on 8/11.

At 8.00 am, we drive to pick them up at Changping train station, and then we sent their baggage to Royal Garden Hotel(we book the room in advance for them). And other colleagues is preparing the coffee, vegetable , coca-cola, Chinese tea, candies, knife and fork for the customer’s coming.

At 9.00 am, the customer arrived in the company on time. One is Boss, the other person is general manger. As we know, British are very serious and cautious about work, and their request is quite high. Our boss himself reception them , the customer is quite satisfied with our warm reception, and the nice , tidy environment. At 9.30am, we have a long meeting to discuss some important matters. During the meeting, the customer show us their request on quality, payment terms, shipping, lead time of sample and bulk, CIF price and FOB price, packing and so on. At last, we reach an agreement on many ways. The meeting helps us know better each other and better cooperate in the future.

At 10:30 am, we begin to visit the showroom, the customer attract by our fashionable design, there are hundreds of different new styles and new yarn quality which we bring from Shanghai yarn show and New York show. The customer choose 10 styles including after quoting the price, the customers are so content and happy by our reasonable price and good material. And they think highly of our superb workmanship. At 11.00, the customer look at our factory from stitching, linking, washing ,mending, ironing, to packing department, they visit all the production department including computer machine. They are quite content by our advanced automobile equipment, efficient work and management.

At 12.00, after finishing all the work, and the customer think highly of our company, They said:”it really seeing is believing. Thanks so much for your hospitality, your service is the best, your fashionable design, good material and superb workmanship leave us a deep impression. Your company is what we are looking for. The travel to visit your company is very worthy. To show our sincerity, we first place 10,000 orders of 3 styles“, if you do it better in the future, there are huge orders waiting for you.”

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