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Textile integration cultural development prospect

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Textile industry development is very fast in the last few years, this year since the country issued several relevant policy has more or less influence on textile enterprises, textile enterprises encountered. Under the state council issued a statement if we can put forward the traditional textile garment industry will cultural creativity is blended in among them there will be a good development prospect.

Promulgated by the state council "about promoting cultural creativity and design services and related several opinions of the development of the industry amalgamation, put forward to promote culture creativity and design services and development of related industries, including textiles, fusion, to develop innovative economy, implementation by" made in China "to" created in China ". Textile industry is a closely integrated to scientific and technological innovation and cultural creativity of the modern consumer goods, textiles and clothing design is an important field of design services, by enriching the connotation of the creative and design, promote the development of China's textile industry brand, boost the comprehensive competitiveness of China's textile industry, the implementation by "textile big country" to "textile powers".

Textile industry is an upgrading of people's living and cultural creative integration development requirements. Clothing consumption growth include two aspects, one is the standard of living rising brings the increase of the number of the textile clothing consumption, 2 it is lifestyle change for textile clothing higher aesthetic value pursuit. According to the national bureau of statistics, analysis the sample survey of urban residents, improve the quality and to increase the aesthetic value factors accounted for 80% of its urban clothing consumption value growth. Relative to the pure cultural products such as music, art, drama, textile clothing there are both cultural connotation and practical function, is closely related to people's life, the cultural elements combined with textile clothing is helpful to improve product class, bring people's consumer health, comfortable, fashionable, dignity, pride and other consumer experience.

Textile industry and cultural creative integration development is to keep the requirements of international competitive advantage. In production and trade in China is the world's first textile, textile clothing exports accounted for more than 35% share of the world, but to its own brand export proportion is very low. Textile industry facing the international competition is intense, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries have more obvious cost advantage. Since 2010, our country textile industry in the United States, Japan, the three big market share has fallen by about 2%, the medium processing orders to southeast Asian countries move trend will continue; While Europe and the United States and other countries with brand advantage in terminal consumption link has a strong control, it is estimated that at present there are about 60 of the world's top clothing brands and more than 500 world famous brand in the Chinese market. Our country textile industry international competitive advantage, from the size advantage and cost advantage into science and technology and brand innovation, culture creativity and design services has increased is imminent.

Textile industry and cultural creative integration development is a new stage of industrial development requirements. According to the general point of view, the industrial revolution has experienced three important stages, represented by mechanization, power and information technology reflects the different features of industrialization since the end of the 18th century, now the applications of Internet of things and services to manufacturing is becoming a new stage of industrial development of new features. Textile industry to adapt to the new industrial development characteristics, the manufacturing process of end to high-end transparency, intelligent factory make the individual can satisfy requirements of customers, production automation make more human resources to focus on innovation and value-added. In advanced technology such as network, big data, 3 d background, remote, interactive, simulation, such as easy to implement, cultural creativity and design service application in textile industry space more broad.

Is crucial for the development of the textile industry and cultural creative integration of innovative talent team construction. Long textile industry is positioned as the traditional manufacturing, without attracting talent advantage, after the local administrator in professional colleges, the cultivation of the textile professionals size decreased, professional research capabilities have gap with the international advanced level. Cultural ideas and textile industry integration development for human resources put forward higher request, need a batch of professional knowledge, creative design and management of the knowledge to achieve mastery through a comprehensive interdisciplinary talents. Innovative talents team construction, USES the training and the introduction of a combination of, should not only attach importance to lead the industry innovation of high-end talent, also attaches great importance to the high demand of grassroots innovation talents.

To sum up, the textile industry should attach great importance to the country to promote cultural creativity and design services and the related industrial convergence development work, attention to relevant policy measures and the establishment of special planning, promoting and, on his own, have a positive role in promoting the transformation and upgrading and brand construction.