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Sweater factory tell you:How to distinguish different kinds of yarn quality.

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 Sweater factory tell you:How to distinguish different kinds of yarn quality.


1. Cotton:

Advantages: moisture breathable, soft, sensitive, easy to clean, not easy to pill.

Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, shrinkage, easy to deformation.



2. Wool:

Advantage: warm, insulating wool is qualitative soft, good elasticity, stays strong.

Disadvantages: easy cottony ball, shrink and felting reaction.


3. Nylon:

Advantages: surface smooth, light, durable, easy to wash easy to dry, flexibility and scalability.

Disadvantages: easy to generate static electricity.


4. Silk:

Smooth and soft, good texture, color is gorgeous, but not easy to manage, easy to wrinkle, shrinking.


5. Viscose:

luster bright, appearance than cotton fine clean, quiet, soft, smooth and bone soft is hanging heavy, lack of flexibility, knead easy to wrinkle, wrinkle easily recovery.


6. Acrylic 

Advantage: good hygroscopicity , wearing comfortable, bright color, the price is cheap. Wool fabric is generally used to make clothing through the resin finishing.

Disadvantages: is not resistant to friction, easy pilling and washing fastness is poorer, after washing a few times, body bone softening, wrinkle easily


7. Rayon:

Soft silky luster, feel soft, fine texture, rub each other can emit special sound, commonly known as "silk sound" or "silk singing", go after clenched hands, less wrinkles and not obvious, silk products silk wet elastic consistent. Polyester yarn reflective strong sex, large stiffness, rebound quickly, crisp and crease resistant performance is good, strong, not easy to break.


8. Angora:

Advantages: Good air permeability, hygroscopic strong, wearing comfortable, elegant, soft and warm, 

Disadvantages: A sense of fleeciness , fuzz, strong gas



9. Polyester

High strength and elastic resilience. Therefore, its fast and durable, anti-wrinkle wash and .poor hygroscopicity, wearing have hot feeling, at the same time with static electricity, dust contamination, affect beautiful and comfortable. But after washing to dry and wet strength little drops, not deformation, good wash and wear performance.


10. Linen

Flax textiles with good hygroscopicty, no static, warmth retention property is strong, high tensile resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, flat is bright and clean, soft luster, soft fiber, a few big characteristics of wave cycle and holiness, generous, health, the five kinds of natural style



Natural luster, soft and uniform cashmere fiber fineness, density is small, circular cross section for more rules, can fully absorb dye, not easy to fade. Compared with other fibers, wool has natural luster, soft, pure and gorgeous. thin, soft and warm, flexible and elastic





Modal fiber fabrics such as cloth smooth, fine and smooth, have the effect of natural silk. color and luster is gorgeous, light, it is a kind of natural silk fabrics. The effect of modal fiber fabric is good,, and also has strong stability, natural wrinkle resistance and washable and wear resistance, make the dress more convenient and natural.


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