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Introduction of Mara Carol Brand

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MORINDA INT’L CORP.LTD is a large-scale enterprise composed of design, development, production,export sales and domestic sale, which is one of the biggest enterprises in sweater export in currect Chinese sweater factory.

The product of Mara Carol pays attention to reflect personal style. According to different occasions, Mara Carol create kinds of fashionable life ways for women ,which are the combination of classic and romantic, fashion and charming, showily and graceful, cowboy and rock-roll, and in the form of the shirts, knitting, T-shirt and accessories to reflect. By combining with the variety of forms, the product will highlight these topics and the new transformation in every season of every year.

Infinite creativity, instant inspiration through restructuring and free collocation with recreational fashionable dress, its design combined with personal taste, and you will not feel stiff. Series of style leaves large space for creation, so that people can wear out fashion sense of different levels.

Wearer’s comfort is always regarded as important values and goals in the products of Mara Carol, which attract and motivate the customers. It is not only a traditional clothes and decorations; even the concept is the dynamic definition of experience and innovation.

Infinite creation of Mara Carol brand comes from different world-class fashion show, and the unique design idea of designer’s noble family .By concise and full of imagination of unique design style and emphasize concise generous clothing outline to perfect reflect exquisite handmade art style and practicability, which not only create the popular color, fashionable element with time reach fashion series, but also possess a creation idea of accessories and leather goods. 

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