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Hand-woven sweaters to regain market favor

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Than your own DIY has become a young fashion, cross-stitch, hand weaving is more simple, especially the scarf, only need very simple texture can be completed. If the knitting technology is good, can also be woven for oneself and family on a knitting sweater, both warm and to experience the fun of diy, recently, the reporter discovers when shopping street in front of the county town, a shop named "affection" hand-knitted sweater outlet, hand-woven children's sweater design and color is various, attracted many young mothers.

Are hand-woven series, cashmere series, weave series shoes, hats, scarves, etc., all sorts of color of hand-woven sweaters are full of small shops, a waistcoat, cardigan, etc., have character of animals, fruits, such as all kinds of weaving pattern and style, fashionable and beautiful.

The clerk tells a reporter, clothes in the shop for a few months old babies to more than 10 years old children, store opened in more than a month, whether to choose or buy their own line back and make a lot of customers, while speaking, just the two ladies to choose clothes, does not stop the mouth said "a nice clothes." One of the customers want a orange dress, but there are some inappropriate size, is preparing to buy a line back to yourself, s YouHongYan chose line for her, it also details how to introduce her to match colors and in a few needles. The lady tells a reporter, she usually like diy weave, weave the 4 pieces of last year, the shopping is inadvertently found that there is a shop selling hand-woven sweaters characteristics, so today also specially with a friend to come over to the choose and buy.

Women like weaving is not only a mother now, young people also join them. To shop of choose and buy wool miss li said: "very good at knitting are mothers, to our generation lost all these skills. The beginning of their marriage, ready to conceive a baby, so want to learn this craft, baby early to prepare for the future knit sweater."

In the traditional manual of "warm" brand fashion, knitting sweaters and everyone s in knitting sweater is different in the past, today's wool has turned up some new tricks. Wool not only increasingly diverse varieties, colors, brand, relevant supporting services such as free guide followed up.

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