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Coarse knitting a sweater Nice and warm

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Derived from the old coarse weave sweater, prevalent in retro fashion, attract the attention of many fashionable girl. Bold lines weave sweater, loose with some nifty, appearing in the soft warm touch, and combined with its vigor joker, its color bright, want to fondle admiringly pursuits both warm and beautiful girl.

- soft twist knitted cardigan

Join the plush velvet material shag line, with a hint of sweet and nifty feeling, soft tactility fabrics with powdery purple color dream, make a small and pure and fresh most the dress up in winter. Build basic t-shirts, in autumn and winter more cold today, give people a piece of soft landscape.

- thickening twist knitted cardigan

Between outline effect well thick cardigan, loose with languid is lazy temperament, from the color of the brick red hot, let the girl in the dreary autumn/winter also do not have a beautiful charming gesture. Joker type, can mix t-shirts, jeans or a skirt to show girl with free and easy, or wen wan elegant temperament.

- loose irregular pullovers

With coarse weave the twist of skin texture, remove the disadvantages of the loose sweater is easy to cause fat, make sweater more stereo modelling feeling. Before long after the short skirt, take shape foil more plump, thin tactic is qiu dong is high. As to the pure color shirt, foil the intellectual woman figure.

- the round collar color pullovers

Qiu dong is never boring, a yellow cast to join, make the famously calm low-key borland lively open and bright. Twist the texture, like a cute little girl, with the innocence of childhood dress up, give soft, autumn day. Temper good round collar, sweater can tolerate a lot of collocation, belong to the autumn/winter necessary sheet is tasted.

- easy hollow out flowers knitted cardigan

The elegant style of sapphire blue, loose skirt lining on the free and easy, is very domineering, feel the aura not enough girls can wear high heels, it can be found in a man's sound the most confident posture. Moral shoulder that a flower is characteristic, the flowers are thick, also is the most beautiful girl present.

- a turtle neck thickening package hip hair dress

Neckline when sweater to where it is most easy to cheating turtleneck conform to the changes in the autumn and winter temperature, will keep you warm in the first place, at the same time sticking out tender, the neck is really charming. In long packet hip style of cultivate one's morality, ingenious shape, with the help of the waist belt wear outside decoration is also very attractive. Long sweater boots collocation, it is a magic weapon that women show high thin.

- made of pure cotton jacquard long sweater

If summer the skin not enough, one word collar to help you to loose big lapels, show charming collarbone, slightly a little sexy show thin. With the romantic elegant red wine in the old days, the literary flavor, mixed with twist sweater this winter makes you more interesting.

- stripe splicing knitting sweater down the line

Pure elegance beige stitching bright stripe element, make the whole dress up immediately become lively rise. Slightly loose batwing coat version, clever block shape defects, the tall and graceful body line modified a little. Cartoon dressed-atom let sweater with a pure lovely taste, suitable for academic little girl.

- round collar twist knitting coat

09 little cardigan inside take lapel shirt and shorts, is small and pure and fresh standard. Twist pattern, restoring ancient ways on the white line unlined upper garment is quiet, like a cute little sister on the other side, everybody loved them. Just the right length, let the coat has the effect of the joker.