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Clothing industry: mobile development in groping forward

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When the rise of Internet, e-commerce, clothing industry B2C, B2B business model become the hot spot in the industry, the rise in mobile Internet today, the industry began a new round of talk about the apparel industry in the development of mobile. Pan Guangquan industry experts think: although the mobile Internet field emergence of clothing industry platform for the apparel industry is used for reference in the development of mobile Internet, but the mobile development of clothing industry is still in the early stage "in the groping forward".


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When the rise of mobile Internet, there is a lot of pioneer has been carried out in the mobile Internet marketing, and received a significant effect, then, including every guest, youngor clothing brands such as giant also started to reach to the field of mobile Internet development. Vancl CEO aged in the fifth session of the global mobile Internet conference said: now that the mobile end sales keep 10% growth a year. "This fully shows that mobile development of clothing industry really broad prospects.

Industry experts pointed out: for clothing retail industry, mobile Internet end 020, began to rise in the second half of last year, at that time, more is to stay in the proposed strategy, yet the implementation of the early stage. And into 2014, with each participation main body actively trying to, to the mobile Internet is expected to be 020, which proves that mobile development of clothing industry began to spend "trial" into "on stage".

"The current mobile end 020, technical difficulty is not large, the key difficulty lies in clothing industry's own system construction and channel interests. The development of the trend of mobile Internet, also reversed transmission clothing enterprises to carry out relevant reforms, future apparel industry in the development of the mobile Internet will present a trend of market segmentation, platform sales." Pan Guangquan said.

In fact, clothing business in the mobile Internet O2O mode exploration has antecedents. Early in the apparel industry has just entered the mobile Internet, many clothing enterprises is through the development of mobile phone APP client to layout the mobile Internet, such as "China buttons supply" mobile client of low cost, high efficiency, but the mobile client only stays in the early stages of the marketing, did not go deep into the revenue streams.

However, even so, the apparel industry in the development of the mobile Internet is still bullish on, each big clothing enterprises have to join the "army" of mobile development, the industry in the exploration of the profit pattern of the mobile Internet continues. Predictably, the future clothing industry will use mobile Internet advantage, expand the greater profit space, has been more rapid development.