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6 popular colors in winter

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman always thinks about what to wear every morning. Sometimes it is hard for us to decide how to put each garment together and looks beautiful. But it is not a problem if we know how to match the clothing with below six popular colors.
wine popular
As if fermented wine, is the product of precipitation. It makes people feel elegant, noble. 
Color matching: Black, Grey
The beauty of grey is exquisite, rational and full of tenderness. This is the most suitable color for the collocation of color. It can foil all colors, have power to allocate all colors.
Color matching: All colors
A camel color coat makes people feel warm and elegant. When wearing, there is a sense of security firm. Camel has inherent texture itself, the general use of wool, cashmere and fine material to reflect the soft tactility of skin and the color of the fiber itself.
Color matching: White, Black
Dark Green
It seems that dark green is difficult for matching but in fact it is not. With a suitable collocation, people especially women look amazing. 
Color matching: Black, Grey
The trend of fashion is constantly changing every year, even the color as well.
But it is Black which always the eternal classic. It gives people a sense of mystery. No matter who you are, it is the best color.
Color matching: All colors
White is the best color to show the beauty of women. It is not only pure but also bright. It is a good partner for all colors. Especially the white T-shirt, it is the most popular clothing.
Color matching: All colors
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