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2015-2016 popular international design “large exposure”

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2015-2016 the trends of international design turn clean unified style into abstract style , natural hand-painted works, as well as the owl, squirrels, foxes and other animals in the fairy tale forest theme will become the new pattern, make the brand clothing and the latest products of the world famous.

Hand-painted: printed graphics are on the popular every year, but next year in the form of hand-painted will be more popular.

Paint, watercolor painting style: In the autumn and winter pattern of 2015, glaze color is the main style; and watercolor painting style is the main style in the spring and summer pattern of 2016


Fuzzy visual design: the concept of design give people a kind of inspiration, for example, the middle part is leopard grain design, which now add the fuzzy dream  change to it,  this is a popular style of the next year.

The forest theme of fairy tale: The owl, squirrels, foxes and other animals coming in the forest theme of fairy tale will become the new pattern, which will received special attention in 2015, for example, the customers in Guangzhou city of China like an owl, squirrels and other pattern very much, which has been input to the process of production.

Abstract geometry changes of butterfly pattern: butterfly pattern have been popular for many years, but made little changes every year. In 2015, the butterfly pattern with geometric pattern will change, such as symmetrical wings, or abstract effect which gives vivid feelings to colorful color.

The overlapping pattern of geometric shapes: this pattern will be widely used in this year and next year.

The hand-painted performance of designs of national style:
the hand-draw of the pattern of national style shows its natural characteristics, by using black and white color to give the person strong impression , Especially this pattern is very popular with customers in the United States and South America area

The abstract of irregular stripe and grid: The pattern of the stripe and grid range from previous black and white to the future abstract and overlap , it is a kind of trend.


Please see the below model with different kind of international pattern:

Dolce &gabbana (fox pattern)


fairy tale forest animals pattern

key patter(popular this year)

squirrel pattern

Dolce &gabbana

the end


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